Project Deliverables

Below each milestone is a list of the required deliverables. For full instructions, refer to the project page linked in the milestone's title.

Project 2: Interaction Design

Part 1
  • Your one-paragraph user summary
  • Your ten thumbnail sketches
  • Your three Sketch mocks
  • Your one HTML mock (screenshots)
  • A link to a live version of your HTML mock
Part 2
  • Your Part I crit synthesis and revised mock, starting with Sketch and then moving to an HTML implementation (include both screenshots and a link to the live HTML).
  • Your mood board.
  • Your three pixel-perfect mocks in Sketch, and your one final, revised mock also in Sketch.
  • Also submit a team assessment form (one for every member of the team). You will only get credit for P2-2 when every member of your team submits a form.

Project 3: Design Sprint

Part 1
  • A text file with your team members' names and SUNet IDs.
  • A document detailing your topic of interest, your needfinding plan, and your discussion guide.
Part 2
  • One PDF with your raw observations
  • One PDF with your transcribed 3-minute clip of the interview
  • One PDF with your selected observations with explanations
  • One PDF with your needfinding interpretations, needs, and "How Might We...?" questions
Part 3
  • One PDF that contains your brainstormed idea sketches, and your further explorations of two top ideas.
  • One PDF that contains your brainstormed dark horse ideas, and your further exploration of one of them.
  • Three PDF or zip files, one for each prototype: the question each was trying to ask, and a description (including images) of each.
Part 4
  • A PDF with your user feedback from the needfinding with prototypes.
  • A PDF with your sketches and brainstorms
  • A PDF with your final proposed design
  • Everyone must fill out our Team Dynamics Check-in along with their milestone. If things could be going better, this gives us as staff a chance to step in and help.

Project 4: Final

Part 1
On Canvas:
  • One short movie or screencast (between 1-2 minutes) of your current prototype. Add a voiceover so that we can tell what's going on. Don't worry about editing it well, just capture the main idea. If your prototype is implemented for the web, we would strongly encourage you to include a link as well.
  • Optional: One PDF with screenshots of your prototype.
Bring your video and a working version of your prototype to studio. ​
Part 2
On Canvas:
  • Raw observations and sketches about your user study.
  • A brief report detailing the method, results, and reflections.
  • Sketched redesigns.
Bring full-page color printouts of your core observations and redesigns to studio.
Part 3
On Canvas:
  • A text file with your project name, all team members' names, and a one-sentence description of your project — we will be using this to personalize the judges' rubric sheets.
  • Either:
    A 45-sec video about your project, or
    A 45-sec Powerpoint (16:9 aspect ratio, pptx) presentation for your project. If your presentation is on multiple slides or uses animation, time the slides to advance automatically.
Part 4
On Canvas:
  • Each team member must fill out the final team assessment
  • Any revision notes for milestones that you re-did after pivoting, if relevant.
  • Your poster file, in PDF form.
  • A brief video showcasing the system in action.
  • A .pdf containing the information listed in this doc.

Submission Procedure

To submit an assignment, go to From there, go to CS247 (either from clicking on CS247 from the Dashboard or by clicking on Courses). Then click on Assignments -> P1 (for example) (left menu) -> Submit Assignment (top right).

After uploading your file, click Submit Assignment.

For group submissions, only one member needs to submit the deliverables for the whole group.