Stanford University

Assignment 4: Interaction

Designs live or die by the details of their interaction. This final project focuses on interaction design, including information hierarchy, layout, and visual design.

Schedule and Feedback

As before, your team can work on A4 at its own pace until the deadline on the Monday June 5. As you proceed through the milestones, submit them to Canvas before class and by bringing printouts to class to show in studio.

Assignment Parts

Below is our recommended timeline for Assignment 4. Keep in mind that it may take several iterations of feedback on submissions before you and your team are ready to declare a milestone complete.

Part I

May 22 (week 8)

Part II

June 5 (week 10). Final submission, hard deadline.

Grading rubric

Each intermediate milestone will be verbally assessed in class and you will be given a check, check plus, or check minus. Part II, the final submission, will be the only part of the assignment where we evaluate your work and assign points. It is worth 35 points.