Stanford University

HCI design studio

Project Presentations · June 5, 1:45–3pm · 282 Lathrop Library, Stanford University

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Join us for the final project presentation of CS 247,
Stanford’s advanced HCI Design Studio class.

Teams of students will present their Interactive Explanations they created through advanced needfinding, rapid prototyping, visual design, and implementing bespoke interactions.

When learning hard concepts, student don’t need boring lectures. They need tailored experiences that allow them to explore the concept interactively to discover it for themselves. Interactive Explanations are an emerging way to teach computer science and math concepts on the web. It is also a design challenge in defining these core concept to learn and the interactions that will convey it.

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  • 1:45–2:00pm Social Mixer

    Students set up and guests arrive. Snacks will be served.

  • 2:00–2:30pm Project Presentations

    Each team presents their work in a brief presentation.

  • 2:30–3:20pm Poster and Demo Session

    Students present demos of their prototypes.

Where is Lathrop Library?
Room 282
Lathrop Library
518 Memorial Way
Stanford, CA 94305

If you are visiting from off-campus, pay & display visitor permit parking may be found at the Visitor Center/Track House lot and Memorial Way. The campus Oval includes a small number of coin-metered spaces.

For more information on parking and public transport, please visit http://library.stanford. edu/libraries/lathrop/about