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Project Faire · March 17, 5:30–8pm ·, Stanford University

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Join us to find out how Stanford students solve real-world problems with programming and design.

CS 247 Project Faire
March 17, 5:30–8pm, Stanford University

CS 247 is the second core class in Stanford's HCI curriculum. Students work in a design studio environment together with expert designers, learning advanced techniques for needfinding, rapid prototyping, visual design, and interaction design.

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  • 5:30–6:00pm Social Mixer

    Students set up and guests arrive.

  • 6:00–6:15pm Introduction
  • 6:15–6:50pm Elevator Pitches

    Each team presents a 45-second pitch of their work.

  • 6:50–7:50pm Poster and Demo Session

    Students present demos of their prototypes. Food will be served.

  • 7:50–8:00pm Closing Remarks

Studio instructors and themes
  • Bob Baxley | Social Decision Making

    The purpose of the “Social Decision Making” studio is to explore how software-based systems can leverage social inputs and interactions to: (1) help individuals make simple purchasing choices, and (2) to assist small groups as they work together to negotiate collective decisions.

  • Jenn Marlow | Banishing Bland Buildings

    Online spaces are increasingly personalized to individual backgrounds, goals, and interests... but our interactions with offline spaces lack such customization. In this studio, we've explored ways of using technology to help create engaging, personalized experiences for different kinds of people in public buildings like libraries, hospitals, or shopping centers.

  • John Tang | Disrupting Echo Chambers

    Social media is being blamed for creating echo chambers that enable people to only hear about things they agree with and lose the ability to dialog with dissenting views. Can we design social media to enable people to engage with the diverse world of opinions and promote constructive dialog, even among polarized views?

  • Helena Roeber | Leveling the playing field

    In “Leveling the Playing Field” students design solutions that tie connections, remove obstacles or share information with people who are underserved by society.

  • Julie Stanford & Jofish Kaye | Cutting Edge

    Surgery is synonymous with anxiety for many patients and their caregivers. Before, during, and after surgery there are many opportunities to improve patient care by connecting patients and families with the right information at the right time delivered in a format that works for them. We’ve partnered with Stanford Department of Anesthesiology to understand patient’s needs around surgery related information and design technologies that help improve the overall surgery experience when it matters the most.

  • Prof. Michael Bernstein | Subvert

    "Subvert" is a studio interested in hacking culture, power, and politics. How do people make their voices heard when the system isn't set up for them to be heard? Can interactive technology inject new, divergent, or creative perspectives and amplify their impact?

Where is the

The (Hasso Platner Institute of Design) lives in Building 550, in the center of campus.

Thomas F. Peterson Engineering Laboratory
Building 550
550 Panama Mall
Stanford, CA 94305

If you are visiting from off-campus, you should park at Tressider Visitor Parking and then walk to Building 550. Parking is free, starting at 4PM.

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