Stanford University

HCI design studio

CS 247 · Winter 2017

This class will deepen your fluency with design for interactive technology. You will engage hands-on in a design studio environment with expert designers, learning to critique and be critiqued by leaders who hold years of experience. Along the way, you'll learn advanced techniques for needfinding, rapid prototyping, visual design, and interaction design.

Head instructor
Prof. Michael Bernstein
Thu 4:30–6pm, Gates 384

Weekly schedule
Mon, Fri 3:30–5:20pm, Lathrop 282
  • Kat Gregory
    Tue 11am–noon, Arbuckle Pavilion
  • Shubha Raghvendra
    Wed 3–4pm, Coupa Y2E2
  • Ashley Ngu
    Thu noon–1pm, Huang Basement
  • Ludwig Schubert
    Wed 2–3pm, Huang Basement
  • Peter Washington
    Tue 6–7pm, Lathrop Tech Lounge
  • Andrew McCabe
    Mon 8–9pm, Lathrop Tech Lounge

Learning goals

Monday Friday
January 9

Class intro & studios: slides

Sign up for studios by 11:59pm
P1 (Critique) out
January 13

Sketching: slides
Reading: Understanding Comics

P1 (Critique) due
P2 (Needfinding) out
January 16
No class; MLK day
January 20

Needfinding observation vs. interpretation: slides

P2 part I due
January 23
Interviewing: slides
January 27

Brainstorming: slides

P2 part II due
P3 (Design Sprint) out
January 30
Picking prototypes: slides
February 3

Parallel prototyping: slides, activity

P3 Part I soft due
February 6
Rapid prototyping: slides
February 10

P3 studio work day

P3 Part II soft due
February 13

P3 Part III and all earlier parts P3 (Design Sprint) due

P4 (Final Project) out
February 17
Mocks: slides, design exercise
February 20
No class; Presidents' Day
February 24
Layout: slides
February 27
Visual design: slides 40MB !
March 3 suggested due date

Guest lecturer: Tom Chi

P4 Part I soft due
March 6
Social computing: slides
March 10

Guest lecturer: Ari Sachter-Zeltzer

March 13

Guest lecturer: Luke Wroblewski

March 17 due date

No class—Final Presentations at 5:30pm in the

P4 (Final Project) due